Process for Bidding Now Open for the Improvement of the A9’s Famous Hairpin Bend in Scotland

Most – if not all - major road improvements are done for the overall safety and convenience of drivers and motorists, and the road improvement and scheme proposed for the hairpin bend along the A9 in Scotland is certainly no exception. As of the 31st August, it was announced that the process of bidding for improvements to the Berriedale Braes along the A9 has begun. 

Making the hairpin bend safer on the A9 in Scotland

Making the hairpin bend safer on the A9 in Scotland

The scheme for making improvements to Berriedale Braes on the A9, aptly called the Berriedale Braes Improvement Scheme, has a total budget of £9 million. A contract notice has been released for the said project and scheme, which aims to make major improvements to the alignment of the road and the existing hairpin bend which is, for all intents and purposes, quite tight, even for the most seasoned and expert drivers. The project and scheme has the ultimate goal of improving safety and driving conditions on this particular road as well as improving the journey and travel time by eliminating the need for cars and other vehicles to reduce their speed and slow down just to negotiate the tight corner. 

The challenge to road users on the A9 Berriedale Braes

According to Humza Yousaf, the minister for transport and islands, the famous – or infamous – Berriedale Braes hairpin bend on the A9 as well as the steep terrain and hill on the same route pose a significant challenge to drivers and road users, particularly those who are driving long vehicles, especially heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). The road is very challenging to negotiate, Mr. Yousaf added, and the process for bidding which has just been announced will be a substantial step forward for the delivery of benefits to drivers and road users as well as the local and nearby communities. 

Opportunities for road construction firms 

The notice for bidding for the Berriedale Braes Improvement Scheme comes at the same time as a contract notice issued for South Ayrshire’s Maypole Bypass, and these notices give the construction sector some significant opportunities, Mr. Yousaf added.

Additionally, according to Mr. Yousaf, the complete value of agreements and contracts which have been awarded over the past few months is now at a total of £174 million, which, in turn, demonstrates the government’s existing commitment to the improvement of many of the current road and transport networks. As mentioned, the entire budget for the Berriedale Braes Improvement Scheme is £9 million. 

Bidders which can successfully meet the criteria for the scheme will receive an invitation to tender, and the road work for the Berriedale Braes Improvement Scheme is expected to be underway by the year 2018. 

Posted on 02 Sep 2017 in News

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