Product Review: Sumitomo HA60W-8B

In the words of Mikio Ide. President and CEO of Sumitomo, the three key principles that all Sumitomo construction machinery is built around are: “Real profitability, well recognized for its brilliant fuel economy Real performance, featuring outstanding speed and power Real comfort and safety, to support the operator in the field”

A world first asphalt paver - the Sumitomo HA60W-8B

A world first asphalt paver - the Sumitomo HA60W-8B

And these are three principles which supported our decision to bring Sumitomo asphalt pavers to the UK and Ireland markets. These high performance, easily operable and efficient machines offer great versatility and flexibility otherwise not seen in other manufacturers. So, what is so unique about this machine that makes it a World First?

A World First

The Sumitomo HA60W-8B has the ability to freely extend screed from 2.3m to 6.0m without any bolt-on extensions, effectively giving the machine a duel role saving a maximum of 50% on working hours.

A few of the other benefits this asphalt paver offers:

Fuel efficiency

The combination of an ISUZU engine and cutting-edge technology, delivers high work efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Fuel consumption can further be reduced under light loads with the Eco Mode switch which decreases the engine speed from 2,200 min-1 to 2,000 min-1.

Labour saving

For compatibility with tipper trucks with low bumpers, the hopper’s leading edge is also low and has a generous supply capacity.

To keep material inside the hopper and prevent ground spillage and waste, the hopper’s front apron is operated by two hydraulic cylinders.

Greater surface contact and traction control for superior paving flatness

The oscillating bogie absorbs impact from irregular road surfaces, drains and manholes for example which provides for greater surface contact resulting in a smoother finish.

For cornering, computerised steering enables the left and right side travelling speeds to be controlled to curve in a continuous arc without losing traction.

For a smooth starting motion and prevention of front wheel slippage, the parallel drive system enables the front and rear wheels to start rotating at precisely the same time.

Additionally, traction is further enhanced whilst paving as the speed feedback system maintains driving speed without influence of the material load.

Easy maintenance

Two examples of the ease of maintenance of this Sumitomo machine are that operators can complete the daily oil and grease checks and filter changes as well as any other maintenance easily simply by opening the covers.

Also, should a rear tyre be punctured on site, it can be changed without detaching the screed arm and removing the screed for much faster repair and avoidance of down time.

The Sumitomo HA60W-8B aims to be an asphalt paver that revolutionises the asphalt paver industry in the UK and Ireland as it is already doing in other parts of the world. As a world first with extendable screed size, it not only is it considerably more efficient in both the time it saves and its running costs, but it is more manageable from operational and maintenance points of view than other machines currently available. The HA60W-8B is well worth consideration for your next purchase.

Posted on 01 Jun 2015 in Technology

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