RAC Research Reveals that UK Motorways are Generally Avoided – and Why?

In a recent research project carried out by the RAC, several interesting facts came to light. Foremost of these facts is this: that a total of one driver in five (about eight million) in the UK rarely – if ever – go out onto the motorways, whilst another percentage – about 380000 – has admitted that they NEVER use a motorway. 

8 million drivers in the UK rarely use a motorway

8 million drivers in the UK rarely use a motorway

Amongst those eight million surveyed, about 6% have also admitted that they just don’t want to – whilst 12% readily say that they simply depend on someone else to do it for them. The remaining 79%, in the meantime, have stated that they never found any need to drive on the motorway at all. Additionally, about 1% of those who were surveyed add that they will never see themselves driving on the motorways, and 35% of this 1% admits that they just don’t like the general idea of driving on the motorways.


A number of reasons for avoiding the UK motorways

In the survey, those who readily admitted that they just don’t want to take on the motorway whilst driving a vehicle have supplied a number of reasons for their reluctance. For instance, about seven out of ten, or 68%, state that it is a ‘daunting’ experience simply because of the speed at which everyone else is driving. About half of the respondents in this category – 52% - have also mentioned that they just feel that there is more risk of being part of an accident in motorways compared to other, secondary roads. Meanwhile, another 42% say that they just don’t have the necessary amount of confidence to drive on motorways, whilst 32% find driving on the motorway too boring or monotonous.



The safest roads in Britain

The astonishing fact is Britain’s motorways are actually the safest roads in the country based on statistics available. This is in spite of the fact that Britain’s motorways carry a traffic burden of around 21%. For instance, from the beginning of the year until September of 2015, vehicles on motorways drove a total of 65.4 billion miles, which is a slight 2% increase from 2014. But even with this number, only 96 fatalities were recorded on Britain’s motorways at this time – a measly 5.4% when you know that there were actually 1775 deaths on British roads in the same period. Injuries on motorways were surprisingly low as well – a mere 4.7% for the same period.

The spokesman of the RAC, Mr. Simon Williams, stresses that this study has revealed something quite surprising, with the fact that many drivers and motorists simply do not want to – or will not – drive on motorways. He adds that even though, statistically speaking, Britain’s motorways are some of the safest roads in the country, most individuals still prefer to rely on friends, family, and partners when they need travel by motorway. 

Posted on 14 Mar 2016 in News

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