Recently Announced Lancashire Transport Strategy Expected to Contribute to Economic Growth

Transport strategies have always been expected to generate growth in specific areas, but nowhere is this more evident than in the area of Lancashire. It has recently been announced by the LEP, or Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, that they have come out with a new strategy for transport which is focused on specific substantial investments in both road and rail in Lancashire.

A new transport initiative in Lancashire will contribute towards the economy

A new transport initiative in Lancashire will contribute towards the economy

New transport initiative contributing to National Powerhouse and Lancashire growth

According to the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, the new transport strategies they have outlined have the potential to create and generate 15000 jobs and £685 million in the growth of the area’s (and the UK’s) economy.

With these new strategies, aptly named under a report called The Strategic Transport Prospectus, the LEP is confident that Lancashire will be at the forefront of the Northern Powerhouse programme, which is a proposal aimed at boosting growth and development in England’s northern areas.

The Strategic Transport Prospectus is a report totaling 48 pages which focuses on the development and improvement of transportation links in Lancashire and its environs. Since the government has also released its plans for a Northern Powerhouse, this transport strategy couldn’t come at a better time, as it allows Lancashire to take full benefit of the government’s plans. Lancashire is actually in the perfect geographical place for the new strategies simply because it is in close proximity to most of the key cities and regions in the North.


The report released by the LEP

In the report published by the partnership, there is an emphasis on the local, regional, and national priorities for transport of the LEP. The report further shows the plans for both short- and long-term development, with the partnership’s vision of a thoroughly connected and economically-developed and integrated county. Analysis shown in the report also highlights how the programme can bring forth approximately 15000 new employment opportunities for people in the area as well as an additional £685 million for the economy.


Project specifics

The project specifics are as follows: major roads and motorways that run through Lancashire, which also includes junctions and stretches of various motorways, namely the M61, M6, and M66. Arterial roads that are connected to key cities such as Fleetwood, Blackpool, Lancaster, and South Fylde, are also set for various improvements. Proposals for traffic flow improvement as well as the reduction of congestion in the area have also been set forth. Yet another road improvement is the building of a new crossing on the River Ribble which links two main roads, namely the South Ribble Western Distributor and the Preston Western Distributor.

Whilst the report and strategy has still not been officially approved, it is scheduled to be submitted to the central government and will also be used in order to acquire extra funding for the LEP’s economic and strategic plans.

Posted on 11 Apr 2016 in News

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