Recycled Asphalt is a Good Revenue Source with the Right Equipment

Recycled or reclaimed asphalt has been in use as pavement for a good number of years and has proven its merits in more ways than one. But today, thanks to various innovations and new technologies, recycled asphalt pavements get another boost in application, durability, and overall effectiveness.

Black Gold - there are big benefits to using recycled asphalt, not least in the cost saving

Black Gold - there are big benefits to using recycled asphalt, not least in the cost saving

In the recently held Pavement Preservation and Recycling Summit in Paris last March, leading industry players such as Groupe Fayat lauded recycled asphalt pavement’s value – even going so far as proclaiming it to be ‘black gold.’

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of recycled asphalt pavement due to its cost-saving properties and efficiency. However, in order to be completely effective and a good value-for-money investment, recycled asphalt pavement must be laid down properly with the use of the right equipment and the right amount or mixture of bitumen.

The importance of proper innovative techniques for recycled asphalt

Recycled asphalt pavement, which is also comprised of imported bitumen, must be of high quality before it can be used. Imported bitumen, for instance, is at risk of deteriorating during transport and exportation – and as such, its mixability may have been compromised. In order to maintain the mixability of the recycled asphalt pavement’s bitumen, a thermal heat exchanger must be used. This heat exchanger will prevent the overheating of the bitumen as well. The use of a heat exchanger is also highly recommended for health reasons, as it consumes the vapours coming from the bitumen and renders it safe.

Innovation combined with high quality machinery and equipment

Companies who are involved in innovation with regards to the pavement and construction sectors must also make it a point to work together in order to bring about proper service and better products in the long run.

Machine suppliers, for example, should prioritise listening to their clients and take into account the way the machinery they provide operates so that they will be able to offer satisfactory results in the end. And it is also worth noting that no matter how many times a piece of machinery or equipment has been tried, tested, and proven to work, there is always something to be learned regarding its overall performance. Improving the equipment available today is just the first step to making proper use of recycled asphalt and other noteworthy innovations and inventions.

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Posted on 25 May 2015 in Recycling

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