Report Says Dartford Crossing Under Strain Due to 50 Million Crossing Vehicles per Year

The Dartford Crossing has long been a major thoroughfare for millions upon millions of vehicles for many years, but it has only recently been announced that the Crossing is, in fact, under an enormous amount of strain and, if it is no longer able to take the strain, this may well affect the entire South East, bringing the area to a complete standstill.

Can the Dartford bridge continue to take the strain of 50 million vehicles a year?

Can the Dartford bridge continue to take the strain of 50 million vehicles a year?

The issues with the Crossing 

According to the FSB, or Federation of Small Businesses, in a warning to the UK government, a delay in the procurement of backing for a new crossing on the Thames may likely damage the economy of the country. If not addressed, the UK economy may be drastically affected.

In a BBC report, it was found that the Federation of Small Businesses sent a letter to the UK chancellor. In the letter, it was stated that further delays on improvements to the Crossing may bring the entire South East to a complete standstill. The letter also stated that the Dartford Crossing is literally ‘creaking under the pressure’ of an astonishing 50 million crossings of vehicles every single year.

Dartford Crossing’s condition may seriously affect trade and commerce in the South East 

In the report, it was found that the Federation of Small Businesses, in conjunction with other organisations and authorities such as the Kent and Medway Federation of Small Businesses as well as the Port of Dover, the Freight Transport Association or FTA, and the London CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) were informing and trying to convince the chancellor to push through with an early delivery of a new Dartford Crossing, ahead of the planning of the budget.

As mentioned, the Federation of Small Businesses, along with the other organisations stated above, clearly pointed out in their letter that as the Crossing now stands, it can lead to a devastating standstill of the whole of the South East. The letter also adds that     since so much of the region – and the country’s – trade goes through the most important ports located in the South East, the Crossing’s condition and the delay in addressing this condition can seriously hamper the entire economy of the United Kingdom. 

In response to the letter sent to the government chancellor, the DoT, or Department of Transport, has said that an important decision regarding the Dartford and Lower Thames Crossing shall be made in due time. 

If our readers may remember, proposals for a new tunnel or bridge on a part of the Dartford Crossing as well as other areas of the M2, M25, and M20 were discussed under consultation with Highways England as far back as January of 2016.

Posted on 10 Apr 2017 in News

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