Resurfacing for Town of Enniskillen in Northern Ireland Underway

Some substantial road works and resurfacing are underway in Enniskillen, a town in Northern Ireland. The resurfacing project, which has a budget of £100,000, is an important undertaking since the road where the resurfacing will be done is a major road link that connects County Donegal to other parts of the region. 

£100,000 is set to improve Enniskillen's road network efficiency

£100,000 is set to improve Enniskillen's road network efficiency

Details of the resurfacing project 

The resurfacing project will extend for 1.2 kilometres and is supposed to complement a previous resurfacing project which was carried out in the previous year. As of now, the planners of the resurfacing project have stated that work will begin today. The resurfacing work will extend for approximately six days, and is expected to be finished by the 19th of February, a Sunday. 

Advice from TransportNI

According to TransportNI, it has carefully planned and programmed the resurfacing project so it will not result in substantial inconvenience to those using the road networks in the area. Particular attention has been placed on the best ways to manage traffic whilst the work is being undertaken, and operations are focused on providing as little inconvenience as possible to drivers and road users. However, TransportNI would still like to warn drivers and motorists to be ready for certain delays and minor inconveniences, and they should also be prepared to spend extra time on the road if they are planning major trips around the area.

A broader scheme for Enniskillen 

The road resurfacing project is actually part of a wider scheme announced by the Infrastructure Minister of Northern Ireland, Chris Hazzard, in October of 2016. This scheme has an overall budget of £500,000, and it not only includes road resurfacing work but also road widening and various other road improvements. 

The complete road project is focused on improvements for the A4 Dublin Road and the A32 in Wickham Place, which are both in Enniskillen. The beginning phase of the road works began at the carriageway of Wickham Palace, which stretches for 100 metres, and it was started on the 24th of October 2016, with the project finished by the 27th of November.
The secondary phase is focused on widening a 300-metre stretch of Dublin Road (more specifically, from the area of the Masonic Hall straight through to the playing fields of the Council), and this began on the 9th of January but is supposed to be completed by the latter part of March. 

As Mr. Hazzard reiterates, the project, with a budget of £500,000 is set to improve the road network’s efficiency, especially in regards to motorists who are traveling along the A4 stretch of Dublin Road. This area is traversed by about 17,000 cars and other vehicles every day which travel in and out of the town of Enniskillen, so the road works should give local residents a safer and better route and contribute to a better flow of traffic.

Posted on 13 Feb 2017 in News

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