Road Maintenance Programmes Confirmed for the Area of Mid-Ulster, Infrastructure Minister Says

There is no doubt that road maintenance is a big priority in the country, not only in the bigger cities, but also in the rural areas. And in their aim to improve – and properly maintain – the road networks in the UK, Chris Hazzard, the Infrastructure Minister, has duly confirmed that the department has made an investment of more than £18 million (18.8 million, to be precise) for various road maintenance schemes and programmes in the area of Mid-Ulster for the 2015 to 2016 financial year.

Major investment in Ulster's road network

Major investment in Ulster's road network

The Infrastructure Minister further states that this particular investment is expected to bring many financial and social benefits to those who are residing in or regularly commuting to the area of Mid-Ulster. The schemes are not only expected to bring benefits for the near future, but for many years to come as well.


The works in Mid-Ulster

There are various road maintenance works scheduled for Mid-Ulster, some of which are already ongoing. The £35 million road project along the Magherafelt Bypass on the A31 is in progress, and the road maintenance scheme for this particular area is set to commence in the latter part of this year. Once the project is completed, it is definitely expected to provide a good number of advantages, not only when it comes to traffic congestion and management, but also to those who are living in and doing business in the area of Magherafelt and beyond.

Another project that is currently ongoing is the one on the A6, from Randalstown to the area of Castledawson. The progress of the project is rapid, and the road maintenance scheme will also begin in the autumn of this year and is expected to be completed in the year 2020.

The Infrastructure Minister also announced earlier in the week that an investment of £10 million is expected to make improvements to a total of 1000 rural road networks, improving their condition in many ways. With those projects, road deterioration is expected to be allayed, and several major defects in the road networks will be repaired. But in addition to the £10 million, another £5 million is geared towards regular road maintenance projects, which include even minor projects such as grass cutting.

Furthermore, many potholes in the area are expected to be repaired, especially those which are bigger than 50 millimetres on rural roads with low traffic and 20 millimetres on rural roads with heavier traffic. Many road markings will also be renewed and upgraded. A gully cleaning project is also expected to be underway, especially in the urban areas, and street lighting will also be repaired until the autumn season.

Posted on 08 Aug 2016 in News

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