Road Projects Paving the Way for Future Development in Staffordshire Shows Steady Progress

An existing road project and scheme in Staffordshire has shown steady progress, literally paving the way for the development of a business as well as housing project located near the promising enclave of Burton. The road project has recently begun an important bridge construction, which is set to help the housing and business development move forward as planned.

Staffordshire set to receive £800 million for planned housing and business development

Staffordshire set to receive £800 million for planned housing and business development

In this particular housing and business development, about 400 acres of prime land located along the A38’s western portion is set to be developed with a total of 2500 homes, along with a site for employment of around 50 acres, and a host of facilities for the future community. The business and housing development, termed ‘Quintus,’ is estimated to cost upwards of £800 million – a large yet worthy investment for the developers indeed.


Road projects for the housing and business development project

The Staffordshire county council is working with Nurton Developments (under the helm of Quintus Ltd.) to bring together several infrastructure and road projects so the main business and housing project development can proceed without any hindrances.

In a series of aerial photographs taken recently, it has been shown that extensive ground works have already begun, and the team in charge of the project has also begun an important bridge construction, which aims to divert the A38 traffic through the Trent and Mersey Canal on to a newly-realigned road development on Branston Road. The area’s current bridge will also be linked with Tatenhill Lane.

According to the economy leader of the Staffordshire county council, Mr. Mark Winnington, the project is expected to result in vast amounts in extra investment, new homes, and new sources of employment for existing local residents and even new residents in the future. Mr. Winnington adds that this is just another prime example of the council’s commitment to working with partners and developers to improve and enhance the economic growth of Staffordshire. With this project, Staffordshire will not only be ideal for different kinds of business opportunities – it will also be a more attractive area worth visiting and living in.

The road projects include the realignment of Branston Road so it will be traveling in a northward direction towards and through the new Trent and Mersey canal bridge. The projects also include the addition of infrastructure for the site where the housing and business development will rise. Additionally, projects for the improvement of cycle and pedestrian access in the future housing and business development and in the tow path of the canal will be underway as well. All these road and infrastructure schemes and projects are set to be completed by the end of the summer of 2017.  

Posted on 07 Nov 2016 in News

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