Roads Affected by the Recent Extensive Flooding to be Rebuilt in Lancashire and Cumbria

The extreme effects of irregular weather over recent years, months, and weeks have caused massive damage and destruction in various parts of the world indeed – but our attention has been recently brought to its impact on our own shores, as it has also destroyed and affected parts of our very own country, including Lancashire and Cumbria. Most notably two storms – Storm Desmond and Storm Eva – have traveled through these areas, leaving much destruction in their wake.

The government has made a wide commitment to helping the population of these flood affected areas in Lancashire and Cambria

The government has made a wide commitment to helping the population of these flood affected areas in Lancashire and Cambria

Aside from the millions of pounds lost caused by damage in private and commercial and industrial buildings, roads and bridges have been heavily affected by the storms as well, including the A591, Pooley Bridge, and Eamont Bridge. There is good news, however: massive reconstruction, repair, and rebuilding efforts are now on their way.


Key infrastructure to be rebuilt

The government has made a wide commitment to helping the population of these affected areas in Lancashire and Cambria; it is well aware of the massive damage the storms have caused. The Transport Secretary himself, Mr. Patrick McLoughlin, has acknowledged that it has been a very difficult time for the families of Lancashire and Cumbria – especially as their Christmas was marked with immense flooding. He proclaimed great sympathy and vowed to show shoulder-to-shoulder support with the families to restore things to what they were before the storms as quickly as possible.

Recognising that the local infrastructure and transport system is vital to the recovery and further growth of the area, he added: “Highways England’s engineering expertise, backed by £40 million funding from the Department for Transport, will support the work already being done to repair local roads and bridges damaged by the storm.” Highways England is about to start construction and will begin rebuilding based on the assessment work that has been previously done.


Cumbria County Council to focus on other priorities

Thanks to the help of Highways England, Cumbria County Council is also able to focus on helping the local communities in other ways. Jim O’Sullivan, chief executive of Highways England, made a statement that no less than £40 million has been set aside by the Department for Transport to repair the local roads and bridges damaged by the storm.

He added that his department will work closely together with the local county council to repair the infrastructure, but that most of the responsibility will be taken on by his department in cooperation with its supply chain partners. This will allow Cumbria County Council to focus on other priorities and use its time and resources in helping the residents in other important and essential ways as well.


Three major engineering projects in the making

The Department for Transport has provided the funding and is working closely with the local government in recovery efforts, and under the care of Highways England, three major engineering projects will be undertaken:

Rebuilding the A591 – this crucial road runs through the county, connecting north and south. The road runs through the heart of the Lake District and is on top of the DfT’s list.
Reconstruction of Pooley Bridge – the bridge was completely damaged, run under water, and needs to be rebuilt. A crew is now investigating what can be done to replace this important bridge.
Reconstruction of Eamont Bridge – the bridge near Penrith has suffered serious damage, and investigations have been initiated to see how the bridge can be made more resilient to future natural calamities.

All this is in line with the government’s pledge of £6.1 billion between now and 2021 to local authorities to reconstruct, repair, and improve the condition of local roads all across England.



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Posted on 22 Feb 2016 in News

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