Scheme to Help Young Individuals Pursue a Career in Highways Proves to be a Success

A few months back, we reported about a scheme set forward by a county council to help young people get apprenticeships and eventual jobs in the highways sector. The scheme received a very good and enthusiastic welcome from industry players, and it now seems that it has proven to be a success.

Increasing the number of young people entering the road construction industry through apprenticeships

Increasing the number of young people entering the road construction industry through apprenticeships

More on the scheme for individuals classified as NEET

The trial programme or scheme aimed at providing interested young individuals with the necessary skills to go into a career in the highways sector was launched by both the County Council of Surrey and its contractor for highways, Kier, and has already produced either outright jobs or apprenticeships for its six participants.

The scheme offered a course on machinery training and also offered a series of exercises on team building, and was offered to individuals who were classified as NEET (not in employment, education, or training). The scheme was also offered to individuals who had a learning disability and individuals who were at high risk of perpetrating a criminal act.

Needless to say, those who participated in the scheme have now been offered significant opportunities, not only with highway contractor Kier but also with the County Council of Surrey or one of Kier’s own suppliers. The scheme was initiated in order to address a shortage of skills in the workforce, which also includes giving more advanced training to existing workers.

Since the scheme has been so successful and has achieved such good results, the County Council and Kier are planning to improve on it and launch it again once the spring season starts next year.


Other organisations ‘jumping on the bandwagon’

At the next Highways England Seeing is Believing (SIB) event to be held on the second week of November, there is also a skills and apprenticeship zone which gives local young people and students the opportunity to learn more about apprenticeship offers and skills trainings provided by the industry. This special skills and apprenticeship zone is jointly managed by the IHE (Institute of Highway Engineers) and the CIHT (Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation). The Institute of Highway Engineers actually has its own National Highway Engineering Academy, or NHEA, which is a virtual educational institution focusing on providing technicians and engineers with the necessary skills and training for the highways sector. The Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation, on the other hand, will showcase its own grade for apprenticeship membership.

It is evident that with schemes like these, including the apprenticeship and skills zone to be presented at the Highways England SIB event, more and more young people have the opportunity to better themselves, find their own niche, and carve out a career of their own in the future. 

Posted on 20 Dec 2016 in News

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