Scotland: New Record Achieved by Tarmac Contracting Scotland and Amey for Asphalt-Laying Project

Working together as a team, both Tarmac Contracting Scotland and Amey South East Trunk Roads Unit have been able to set a new record for the laying of asphalt in a road project in Scotland. The project consisted of delivering about 2,500 tonnes of asphalt in a little more than one day (about 30 hours) to a part of the M9 road network.

Record amount of tarmac laid in one day on the M9

Record amount of tarmac laid in one day on the M9

The project undertaken by Amey and Tarmac was for the area between the junctions 6 and 7 along the M9’s northbound roadway. Both contractors were able to lay down a total of 2,460 tonnes in a mere 29 hours. This has resulted in relevant time-savings, especially when compared to other similar road projects which usually take about two days or 48 hours, sometimes more.

The asphalt-laying project was the result of a collaboration and contract between Amey and Transport Scotland, and it was also geared towards a better understanding of how the output of laying down asphalt could be maximised for every shift in order to save time as well as expense.


The project specifics

Transport Scotland also did its part for the project, communicating and collaborating with its other partners so that the road could be closed to give Amey and Tarmac complete access to the area. This way, Amey and Tarmac could optimise the work and ensure that the project was completed within the allotted time window.

Since the road was completely closed, Tarmac was able to lay down the required material with the use of a couple of paving machines. The use of these two machines gave a further boost to the project, increasing productivity and ensuring that the construction was free from joints and compaction was fully consistent across the particular area.

Tarmac Contracting Scotland’s general manager, Andrew Grimsley, is more than satisfied with the results – and the new record, of course. He states that the overall success of the project results from effective communication and collaboration and a genuine positive attitude, especially when it comes to management, delivery, and teamwork. He adds that the setting of this new record provides a very important benchmark for the industry, particularly in regards to schemes in the future, as Tarmac continues to focus on more efficient and productive work in order to cut down the timescales of projects and decrease the disruption brought about by road projects like these.

Meanwhile, Amey’s account director for the south east, Tom Wallace, adds that this project – and its fruition – has become a wonderful example of the company being able to effectively work with its contractors and using the most advanced technology to continue delivering the best results (and with better expense management to boot). Through this new record, Amey and Tarmac have provided the public – as well as its customers – with bigger benefits. 

Posted on 29 Aug 2016 in News

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