Several Substantial Cycling Projects Announced for London with a Budget Totaling £770 Million

The construction of major cycle highways has already been done in some parts of Europe, most notably in the Netherlands (which even has its very own solar cycle highway). And in London, it has been recently announced that some major cycling projects will be undertaken in the coming five years. These cycling projects and improvements will have a total budget of £770 million, as London Mayor Sadiq Khan confirms.

 £770 million to be spent on new cycle projects in London

£770 million to be spent on new cycle projects in London

Additionally, according to the Mayor, there are plans for a total of two Cycle Superhighways along with a bridge expressly for cycling to be built across the Thames River. The budget of £770 million is in accordance with the specific business plan of Transport for London (TfL), and with this budget, the Mayor adds, London is set to spend the same amount per person (£17 per person per year) like countries such as the aforementioned Netherlands and Denmark, which, as everyone already knows, are famous for their cycling culture.


The plans as outlined by the Mayor

London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, goes on to say that with these plans are included consultation for the two Cycle Superhighways extending across the city, with work scheduled to begin next year. Another route running from east to west is also slated for the city’s cycling projects. Mayor Khan also stresses that his administration will be unlike the administration of the previous mayor, as they will concentrate and place full emphasis on how to minimise – and even altogether eliminate – the disruption caused by such projects, as well as the congestion it often creates. In other words, aside from concentrating on the cycling projects and new cycling infrastructure for the city, the Mayor would like everyone to know that they will also do whatever they can in order to have as few disruptions (and congestion problems) as possible when the projects are underway.

The Mayor also states that the budget of £770 million is indeed a record amount – and with this record amount expressly for cycling infrastructure in London, the government will continue to make sure that over the next few months, they will be able to develop further plans with details on how to make cycling a safer – and an even more obvious – option for London residents of varying backgrounds and ages.

The plan, which extends to the year 2021-2022, will involve spending £770 million not only on new cycling infrastructure but also on cycling initiatives that will effectively promote cycling as a regular endeavour.   The budget will be separated into £154 million each year, and it is almost twice as much as the £79 million annual budget for cycling projects and initiatives in the last mayor’s term.

Posted on 23 Jan 2017 in News

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