Significant Infrastructure Plans for the Next Five Years Revealed by Welsh Government

According to Ken Skates, the Economy and Infrastructure Secretary, they will be outlining plans for infrastructure improvements in the Welsh Government to be done over the next five years. These plans for improvement also include major developments set for the A55, the M4, the A494, and the A40. 

Coming soon to Wales - a new Metro, port developments, a third crossing for the Menai, and improved public transport systems

Coming soon to Wales - a new Metro, port developments, a third crossing for the Menai, and improved public transport systems

The improvements in infrastructure will include the delivery and creation of a Metro for South Wales and North Wales, along with a new rail system franchise, a fund for the development of ports, funding for the development of a third crossing for the Menai, enhanced and improved (as well as more sustainable) bus systems and services, and more. In fact, the improvements for the area are supposed to be the largest the Welsh Government has seen in a single generation.


Economy and Infrastructure Secretary speaks 

At a speech delivered on December 14 for a business and transport audience, Ken Skates announced that it is important to work together so the impact of the vast funding will be maximised and fully realised. He stressed the importance of teamwork so that Wales, in its entirety, would benefit.

Before the event, Mr. Skates also stated that this historic investment, amounting to billions, is a clear sign that the Welsh Government is serious about developing – and delivering – a truly world-class system for transport in Wales. They want to attain their goal of creating a sustainable system which connects individuals and the communities where they live to services and jobs which can help move the Welsh economy. 

He further added that their network plays a significant role in delivering prosperity to Wales, in making sure that residents’ general well-being is improved, and that communities are more cohesive than ever. The investment, he stated, should be used both collaboratively and creatively in order to develop a sustainable, world-class system for transport which can deliver excellent results for the area.


Improvements for road networks in Wales

In addition to plans for improving the rail and bus system, the Secretary also announced that they will be publishing a report on the technical, environmental, and economic aspects of improvements on the M4 and that a public inquiry on this will be held on the 28th of February, 2017, preceded by a pre-inquiry event which will be held on the 27th of January. 

Congestion – and solutions for this problem – on the A55 and the A494 will also be discussed in March of 2017. A total of two proposals for this will be carefully analysed, since it requires a significant £200 million (or more) investment – the largest investment by the Welsh Government in the above-mentioned road networks since they were built. Mr. Skates added that whilst the agenda poses significant challenges, it also opens up a world of opportunity for a better, more integrated, and multi-modal network which can meet peoples’ needs across the entire region.

Posted on 03 Mar 2017 in News

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