Skanska Signs New Contract for Highways Maintenance with Cambridgeshire Lasting Over 10 Years

In other, noteworthy news, established contractor Skanska has been able to secure a new contract and agreement with the Cambridgeshire County Council for highways repair and maintenance, and the new contract is supposed to be in effect for the next ten or so years.   According to Skanska, the contract with the Cambridgeshire council, which is reportedly worth almost half a million GBP, runs until the year 2027. Skanska said that the agreement is worth £32 million per year, and it also comes with an extension option, which means that the contract could run until 2032. If the contract is extended until 2032, Skanska could benefit from the contract by as much as £480 million.  

Contract Agreement

Contract Agreement


The terms of the agreement since 2006


The terms of the original contract between Skanska and the Cambridgeshire County Council, which began in 2006, were quite simple – in the original agreement, Skanska was supposed to maintain and repair about 1700 miles of carriageways, 1276 road structures, and 1400 miles of footpaths and ways.


And according to Christine May, the council’s interim director of infrastructure management and operations, Skanska was able to hold to the contract and work closely with the council, allowing the council to save a significant amount of money whilst still delivering essential services, including resurfacing, pothole repair and maintenance, and gritting.

Posted on 28 Aug 2017 in News

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