Sobering Statistics on Road Accidents and Fatalities Released for the Previous Year to March 2016

We all know how road accidents have already become a byword in many road networks, both major and minor, in the country. But what we often fail to see is how common they have already become, despite all our best efforts. In a report released by the DfT (Department for Transport), it has been shown that there has actually been an increase by as much as two percent in the number of individuals severely injured or even killed on the roads of Britain over the previous year up to March 31st of this year.

1780 road deaths in Britain between over the previous 12 months up to March 31st 2016

1780 road deaths in Britain between over the previous 12 months up to March 31st 2016

In the report, it is stated that there were a total of 1780 deaths on the road as well as 24610 individuals who were severely injured or killed over the last year until the end of March, 2016. Aside from serious injuries, there has been a record number of 187050 casualties, both major and minor. In the same period, traffic levels also showed an increase of about 1.8 percent. Additionally, between the months of January and March of this year, a total of 430 individuals were killed in motor accidents, which shows an increase by 13 percent from the same period in 2015.


A cause for concern

These recent statistics are definitely a cause for concern, as emphasised by the PACTS’ (Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety) executive director, David Davies. Mr. Davies states that the government has shown a failure in its commitment to decrease the number of motorists and road users injured or killed annually. Since 2010, Mr. Davies continues, the figures haven’t really been reduced. Deaths due to drunk driving are still at 240 per year, and the estimated number of deaths in the past year is only a bit lower compared to what it was 5 years previously. According to Mr. Davies, stronger, more specific action needs to be done on different fronts, especially when it comes to drunk driving, which is currently responsible for 13 percent of all road fatalities.


The solutions encouraged by PACTS

PACTS has several solutions in mind in order to reduce serious road injuries and fatalities. One of these is to have an increase in publicity and education regarding drunk driving by the Department for Transport. PACTS also supports further initiatives by the drink and pub sector to promote campaigns for ‘named drivers’ and even drinks that are free from alcohol. In addition, PACTS encourages the enhanced enforcement of drunk driving penalties by the police authorities, and encourages the Home Office’s approval of mobile equipment for breath tests.

Another solution that could make a difference, according to PACTS, is a decrease in the limit for drunk driving in England, Scotland, and Wales, as well as Northern Ireland, along with a complete analysis of the lower drunk driving limit’s impact in Scotland.

Posted on 16 Aug 2016 in News

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