Survey Reveals Motorists Support Development of Lanes for Cycling across London

When it comes to health and safety, more and more people are becoming conscious of what they do and how they do it. This is true not only with regards to what people eat, but it’s also true for their exercise habits. A consciousness about the environment has taken hold as well, as more individuals realise the importance of taking care of natural resources and preserving them further. This is all in line with the increase in cycling lanes across several key cities, with some cities leading in these kinds of projects. We’re talking about cities such as Amsterdam, along with other major European cities and towns. 

Motorists support cycle lanes in London

Motorists support cycle lanes in London

Cycling in the UK in recent years 

The city of London has already undergone plenty of changes in regards to cycling lanes, in line with the London Mayor’s announced plans. There have also been several cycle campaigns and schemes launched around the city and in other parts of the UK in order to promote cycling as a daily activity as well as to increase the safety of cyclists and motorists. 

What the survey reveals 

But in a recent survey done by Servicing Stop, it was revealed that there is more support for special lanes for cycling than was first realised. According to Servicing Stop, 80% of drivers and motorists are actually in favour of the development of new lanes specially-built for cycling in London. In addition, the survey done by Servicing Stop has also revealed that 7 out of 10 motorists and drivers are not really ‘bothered’ by people who are cycling on the road. 

In the survey, over 1300 drivers and motorists were questioned regarding their opinion on cyclists and cycle lanes. The survey has shown that almost one-third of those questioned, about 31%, believe that once new lanes for cycling are developed and built, roads will be safer. A further 31% of survey respondents also said that they would support and encourage others who are interested in cycling. A mere 7% of the respondents disagreed with the importance of cycle lanes (deeming them unnecessary), whilst only 13% of the survey-takers said that cycling lanes result in congestion.

According to, which had a talk with Oly Richmond, Servicing Stop’s Chief Executive Officer and founder, Mr. Richmond said that the development of the new lanes for cycling have resulted in a divisiveness in opinion amongst the public since work began in the latter part of 2016. But, according to Mr. Richmond, whilst these lanes are an expensive project taking a big part of the public’s funds and nobody knows as of now what their real effect on road accidents (particularly those that involve cyclists) will be, there is at least the knowledge that motorists support the project and both cyclists and motorists are willing to drive and ride in harmony. 

Posted on 01 May 2017 in News

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