TFL Looking at the Creation of New London Road Tunnels as a Solution to Pollution in the Big City

There is no denying the fact that pollution plays a major role in the degradation of our environment. This is all too true for big cities around the world, such as New York, Rome, Bombay, Sau Paulo, London, and more. Cars, for one, contribute greatly to pollution, what with the carbon emissions they produce. 

A solution to pollution in London

A solution to pollution in London

So with the extent of pollution in these big cities, what could we do to prevent the environment from disintegrating even further?

Well, it seems the city of London has one solution in mind. The transport authority of London, TFL (Transport for London), has a plan for creating more cross-city and orbital tunnels in order to decrease the buildup of pollution in the English capital – resulting in a more pleasant, more humane environment, not only for the residents of the city, but for those who visit the city on a regular basis and those who are living in its environs.


The facts about vehicle usage in London


The good news

There is one surprising fact that serves to bring cheer to London’s many residents: the usage of cars in the city has actually decreased by as much as 9 percent in the last ten years, with more and more individuals opting to take public transportation, ride their bicycles, or walk to get around. Other major cities in Europe have shown the same proclivity for alternative means of transport, led by the biking capital of the world, Amsterdam. 

What is more amazing is that in London, there are now 40 percent fewer vehicles, particularly private cars, perhaps due to the launch of a ‘congestion charge’ which motorists have to pay in order to be able to enter any central area or zone.


The bad news

But even with the reduction of vehicle usage in London, we still have to contend with the high volume of freight vehicles, such as delivery lorries and vans, in the city. This number has actually increased by as much as 40 percent in the past decade, perhaps in part due to the growth in Internet deliveries and sales.


The proposed solutions

Although traffic on the road as a major cause of pollution will not really disappear entirely, it can be changed, according to the TFL.

TFL representative Michael Colella states that their aim is to take a big part of the current road traffic in the area and, in essence, bury it – then reuse the remaining land to provide more open, environmentally-friendly spaces to people in the near future.

Various cities, such as Madrid, Paris, and Boston, have already come up with schemes for greener spaces simply by ‘burying’ their roadways. One particular programme already being discussed is London’s Hammersmith Fly-under, which aims to convert the currently ugly concrete flyover into twin underground tunnels.

Other projects which TFL has in mind include the Silvertown Tunnel, which will link Silvertown and Greenwich Peninsula underneath the Thames, which aims to reduce congestion due to traffic in the area surrounding the Blackwall Tunnel.


There are other projects involving new tunnels and bridges in the making in the next few years, and these will all serve to help London’s environmental pollution – as well as increase its financial growth.



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Posted on 17 Aug 2015 in News

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