The Pothole Crisis – An Increasing Number of Drivers Victimised in Recent Years

Potholes have always been a problem – often a laughable problem, at that – but it does raise some serious concerns. In a recent survey done by the AA, it was found that there has been an increase in drivers becoming victimised by those infamous potholes. The survey has found that about one of every five vehicle drivers have had damage to their vehicles due to potholes in the last few years.

One of every five vehicle drivers has had pothole damage to their vehicle

One of every five vehicle drivers has had pothole damage to their vehicle

Vehicle drivers and pothole accidents: the figures

An astonishing 39% of members of the AA have sustained damage to their vehicles’ wheels, tyres, body, and other vehicle components after they have hit potholes in the preceding two years. And, in some instances, these pothole incidents have actually led to more serious accidents in a total of 24 cases.

The AA interviewed approximately 25200 members, and out of this number, 9723 vehicle drivers responded that they had been victimised by potholes. Of this total number, about 39% of the drivers sustained damage to their tyres, whilst 18% sustained damages to both their tyres and wheels. Another 28% mentioned that they not only had damaged wheels and tyres but tracking as well, whilst 13% of the drivers had to deal with suspension damage. Around 4%, meanwhile, had had to deal with repairs on their vehicles’ body work, aside from other notable damages.

In Scotland, damages caused by potholes are even more substantial. About 46% of respondents from Scotland (car, motorcycle, and van owners) reported damages to their vehicles due to potholes in the last two years alone. Other parts of the UK have noteworthy pothole accidents as well – in Humbershide and Yorkshire, 41% of vehicle drivers have had pothole damages, whilst in the South East, East Midlands, and the North West, pothole-caused vehicle damage amounted to 40%. In Northern Ireland and Wales, around 34% of drivers reported damages caused by potholes, and in London, 32% of vehicle drivers have had damage caused by potholes as well.


What the AA and LGA has to say

The president of the AA, Edmund King, is adamant about sustaining highway and road maintenance in the UK. He mentions that although there have been substantial government earnings in 2014-2015 due to duties on fuel and council tax, the government still reduced the budget for road maintenance by as much as £273 million. And, because of these budget cuts, vehicle drivers are suffering from damage to their vehicles, crumbling, dilapidated roads, and, of course numerous potholes.

The transport spokesman for the Local Government Association, Peter Box, has responded to Mr. King’s claims, however, by pointing out that about one pothole is repaired every 15 seconds – even more now than in the past. But he also admits that there is a substantial road repair backlog which decidedly affects road conditions and would take the councils many years – even decades – to fix.



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Posted on 23 May 2016 in News

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