Theft in Construction Sites Addressed at Innovative and Highly Informative CITS Forum

Construction site theft is an issue that not many people are aware of, but it is an issue, nonetheless. In fact, it is a growing problem, not only in the UK, but in other parts of Europe and the world as well. The statistics don’t lie: according to the CITS, the construction industry is a victim of losses amounting to as much as £650 million in annual theft from plants and construction sites alone.

£650 million worth stolen from construction sites

£650 million worth stolen from construction sites

This is perhaps one of the reasons why the issue of construction site theft was fully addressed in a forum dedicated solely to it: the CITS, or Combined Industries Theft Solutions forum. In the forum, the focus was not only to disseminate information about various security products which are now available for the construction industry, but also to discuss various methods by which the industry can combat and avoid this type of threat. The forum also served as an excellent platform for CITS (a not-for-profit organisation) to discuss various best practices for the industry. The forum, entitled ‘Small Tools, Big Losses’, was held at the world headquarters of JCB in Rocester, Staffordshire, on the 12th of November.


More on the all-important forum

The forum and event focused on theft in various construction sites and was made up of both an exhibition and two conferences comprising half a day each. The forum drew more than 200 representatives from the construction and building industry along with 20 exhibitors as well as 150 police representatives and officers. Among the speakers in the forum were a senior Interpol official, several senior officers of the police force, and several private company advisers. All the speakers reiterated the importance of vigilance and the use of advanced technology, warning attendees of a diverse variety of threats in construction sites, ranging from cyber crime to both opportunistic (those who are actually allowed in construction sites and may even work there) and so-called professional thieves.  


The exhibitors and speakers

The two main – and very noticeable – exhibitors in the event were the GAP Group and A Plant. As you may already know, these two heavyweights in the construction and rental equipment industries are greatly concerned about the rise in construction site theft and have therefore focused their efforts on preventing this type of crime. Representatives from both companies were clearly visible as well. The representative from the GAP Group was Mr. Iain Anderson, its joint managing director, while the representative from A Plant was its very own marketing director, Mr. Asif Latief.

Several speakers also had some valid points to say. In his speech, the Durham constabulary’s deputy chief constable, Steve Watson, commended the Combined Industries Theft Solutions’ approach and gave further importance to the aspect of construction and building companies working together alongside the police. In addition, Steve Watson gave special emphasis on the CESAR security as well as registration scheme developed and launched by the Construction Equipment Association in 2007, which gave rise to a reduction of as much as 70 percent in the theft of bigger (and of course, more expensive) equipment and machinery used in construction.

Another contributor and exhibitor, Datatag ID, represented by its managing director, Kevin Howells, launched a completely new piece of equipment called the ‘Micro-CESAR’ at the event. The Micro-CESAR has been specifically designed to protect and secure smaller equipment and construction tools such as hydraulic hand-held breakers, various power tools, and plates used for compaction. The Micro-CESAR is notable for its inclusion of a special warning and registration labeling system (complete with a QR code which is also integrated) and RFID tagging capability.



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Posted on 04 Jan 2016 in News

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