Transport Minister for Scotland Announces Summit for a Discussion of the A82

The Transport Minister for Scotland, Humza Yousaf, has recently announced his intention of a summit in order to discuss the road network A82 so a number of different groups which are interested in the trunk road’s operation can come together. The A82 is a major trunk road which serves to link the Western isles and North West with the central portion or belt of Scotland. 

Talks to be head with stakeholders about the future improvement of the A82

Talks to be head with stakeholders about the future improvement of the A82

In the past few years, there have already been some substantial investments in this road network. In fact, improvements to the A82 have included a new and upgraded Crianlarich Bypass (worth £5 million) as well as the realignment of Pulpit Rock, valued at an investment of £9.2 million. Further work is ongoing as well when it comes to upgrades for a section of the road between Tarbet and Inverarnan. This particular upgrade is set to bring more improvements for the area beside Loch Lomond. But all these projects are just the tip of the iceberg. In the past decade, a total of £82 million has already been expended for various maintenance works along the A82, and over £11 million of this has been spent during the last year alone.

The importance of an improved A82 

According to the Transport Minister for Scotland, Mr. Humza Yousef, the A82 is a veritable ‘lifeline’ road network or route for a lot of motorists, and some communities and stakeholders have questions and concerns with regards to how it operates. With this summit and forum, those who are involved in the A82 can come together and speak their minds.

Other improvements in the recent past 

Mr. Yousaf went on to say that the government of Scotland has already made a number of important investments on road improvements in the last few years, with more improvements slated to come. This includes the section of Tarbet and Inverarnan to be upgraded. Along with this, the government has certain schemes for maintenance which are planned for the entire route’s length in order to enhance safety and perform surface repair.

Mr. Yousaf announced that whilst he already had a talk with some groups, including the Chamber of Commerce of Lochaber and the A82 Partnership, the summit will serve to maximise the engagement of Transport Scotland with more key partners and stakeholders such as the local communities and authorities as well as Police Scotland. According to Mr. Yousaf, with the key players present at the summit, he looks forward to a more constructive and productive discussion, especially in regards to prospective actions to take for the overall improvement of the A82. 

The summit and meeting for the A82 is set to be held in June, just at the beginning of the summer season. 

Posted on 29 May 2017 in News

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