Transport Practice Firm LTP Calls for Better Attention to Motorcycle Riders for Highway Designs

  One of the leading independently-run transport practice firms in the country, LTP, has recently called for greater attention to be given to motorcyclists when roads and highways are planned and developed. LTP specialises in planning for transport and traffic engineering as well as road and highway design.   Local Transport Projects (LTP) has recently created and developed an Urban Motorcycle Design Handbook for TfP, or Transport for London. The handbook is supposed to be a clear and comprehensive guide for helping road and highway designers and practitioners deal with the most important and pressing infrastructure concerns and issues that affect motorcycle riders in London.    

Urban Motorcycle Design Handbook

Urban Motorcycle Design Handbook

The handbook: a useful guide


Transport for London will be making use of this handbook in order to introduce various key features to both current and future road and highway projects. In addition to this, Transport for London is promoting the handbook and guide to other traffic and highway designers and leading bodies, since, as Local Transport Projects confirms, the handbook can also be applied to other areas in the UK apart from London.


According to the director of LTP, Andy Mayo, there is an indication and high probability that motorcycling will increase dramatically in the near future. But he also remarked that motorcycles today already account for about 21 percent of fatalities on the road in the UK, even though motorcycles only account for about 1 percent of total traffic.


Mr. Mayo added that these statistics need to change. He mentioned further statistics: in 2015, a total of 387 motorcyclists were either severely injured or killed on the roads in London, for only a share of 2 percent of total traffic.


But Mr. Mayo also acknowledged and pointed out that whilst better designs for highways will not completely eradicate or eliminate the problem, the techniques which were stated in the handbook Local Transport Projects has created can at least be used all around the country in order to decrease the risk of collisions and accidents that involve motorcycles.


A variety of topics


The handbook not only covers techniques and strategies – it also covers other topics, such as the factors that affect the grip, features, and visibility of road surfaces, as well as some relevant designs and measures for the calming of traffic and motorists.


Transport for London’s head of outcome planning and strategy, Lilli Mason, has also said that by continuing to collaborate with key external organisations (such as LTP), especially when it comes to guidance and training on better designs for roads and highways, the government and private institutions can work closely together to decrease dangers on the road for all motorcycle users. 

Posted on 17 Jul 2017 in News

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