UK Research Shows Male Drivers Most Prone to Poor Driving Skills

We all know how important it is to factor in road safety and security when we are building and constructing our roads, or when we are simply repairing and refurbishing old, broken-down roads. But whilst we try to do everything we can to make sure that our roads and motorways are technically safe, there is still something to be said about poor driving skills. With poor driving skills from drivers on the road, it doesn’t really make a big difference whether we emphasise and prioritise road construction measures that are deemed safe.

Safe road surfaces are just as important as good driving skills

Safe road surfaces are just as important as good driving skills

Male drivers: accounting for poorer driving skills

For instance, in a recent study done in the UK, it has been shown that the types of drivers who are most ‘at risk’ – meaning those who exhibit the worst, sad to say, driving skills – are males ranging in age from 26 to 35. In the study, it has been suggested that men who are in their late twenties to their early thirties are the biggest perpetrators and offenders when it comes to poor driving.

The UK study, compiled and organised by ASUS, a leading tech firm, has basically found that men in the 26 to 35 age group have been responsible for about 28 percent of all the United Kingdom’s driving bans – much more than any other gender or even age group. Additionally, the research done by ASUS has also shown that an astonishing 93,952 individuals holding licences in the UK were actually disqualified or banned from driving in the UK in the last year alone.


What the Department of Transport has to say

Apart from the recent study done by ASUS, the Department of Transport has additional information as well. In a recently-released report, the Department of Transport stated that there were a total of 69,952 female drivers who were involved in road accidents and crashes in the year 2014. But this number pales in comparison to the number of male drivers involved in road accidents in crashes – an amazing 113,066 male drivers were involved in various road crashes and accidents during the same period of time. This just proves that the research done by ASUS is correct – the research shows that only about 14 percent of female drivers received a driving ban in the past 12 months.

Of the above-mentioned 93,952 driving bans issued in the past year, 80,647 were issued to male drivers, whilst 13,305 driving bans were issued to women. And, furthermore, according to data from the TfL, men were said to be involved or responsible for about 62 percent of road crashes and accidents in the year 2014.


In related news from the Department of Transport, the department mentions that approximately 740 accidents related to drunk driving took place in 2013 - in the morning. In addition, the department states that about 5,500 individuals (male and female) fail to pass a breath exam or test every year, around 15 individuals each day. An astounding 58 percent of individuals who have consumed more than four alcoholic beverages on an evening out with friends decide to drive back home the morning after, but only 33 percent are fully aware that they could still be over the legal limit. Those who have been convicted of driving whilst under the influence are liable to face a 12-month driving ban, a criminal record, a fine, and even time (up to six months) spent in prison.

With the Christmas season just behind us, drinking and driving may well have been of greater concern and the cause for problems on the road. So, it’s still better to be vigilant and practice road safety at all times.



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Posted on 25 Jan 2016 in News

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