Upgrade on Section of the M25’s Junction 30 Already Completed

At the beginning of December 2016, it was announced that a project involving the improvement of Junction 30 along the M25 had already been completed. The project, which went for a total cost of £100 million, was for the upgrade of a section of Junction 30 where the M25 intersects the A13 located in Essex. Road users can now safely and efficiently use the area. 

£100 million spent on upgrading a section of Junction 30 where the M25 intersects the A13 located in Essex

£100 million spent on upgrading a section of Junction 30 where the M25 intersects the A13 located in Essex

The details of the project upgrade

In the scheme, the plan was to widen the section of the A13 which meets Junction 30 of the M25. Four lanes were widened in every direction, and, along with this, a series of new link roads were developed and improvements were done on some existing smaller slip roads located in the area. But the improvements did not end there – for the project, there were also upgrades on the M25’s lighting infrastructure and the addition of safety barriers along with improvements on drainage and technology in various sections.

A project manager for Highways England, Lizzie Cooper, went on to say that upgrading a highly-used part of the road network has been a very complicated and complex endeavour, but those involved in the project have worked hard so that the project will be finished ahead of the schedule that was originally planned. Furthermore, the team made doubly sure that the project was on budget at all times.

Ms. Cooper expressed her thanks to their partners for the project, especially those in Essex, for continuing to give their much-needed support through the entire phase of construction. Ms. Cooper also expressed Highways England’s thanks to those drivers and road users on the M25, particularly on Junction 30 and the A13, for being patient as the team strived to deliver the aforementioned improvements.


Highways England expresses satisfaction with the results

Highways England’s Ms. Cooper further added that these investments in the upgrading of infrastructure is clear proof that Britain is “open for business,” and the important road improvements successfully done by Highways England, along with its partners, will help drivers on their journeys and even serve to pave the way for the regeneration and revival of the Lower Thames Valley, which can end up giving the area a much-needed economic boost amounting to billions of pounds in investments.

Whilst it’s true that Highways England and the government of the UK have a plethora of plans for road improvement in the coming years, news of a project which has attained a successful finish and completion is always welcome. With infrastructure and road network improvement projects like these and many more, the country should be better prepared for the 21st century and should be able to face it head on. 

Posted on 09 Jan 2017 in News

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