Vodafone Fined by Transport for London for Failure to Properly Manage Street Works

It seems that Transport for London, or TfL, has been quite successful in prosecuting a number of utility companies in recent months. On the 29th of June, Vodafone faced the Magistrates’ Court of Westminster and presented a guilty plea for mismanaging various street work projects. But Vodafone isn’t the first one to be faced with a fine from the court. Another major utility firm, BT, or British Telecom, was also ordered by the court to settle a fine of over £8000 for mishandling the management of a series of road and street works on the 22nd of June. 

Utility companies fined for mismanaging street works

Utility companies fined for mismanaging street works

The case against utility firms

TfL has long made a commitment to ensure that road and street works are finished in good time, and the prosecution of these utility companies is one major achievement for the organisation. As a matter of fact, Vodafone’s recent case is already the 100th case against utility companies. The prosecution of utility companies actually began way back in 2010.

In Vodafone’s case, the offence was simple enough to understand. Vodafone had scheduled some road and street work in Tooting for the 7th to the 8th of January, early this year, and it was not able to serve the necessary notice for street works. But apart from this, Vodafone was also not able to settle a notice for a Fixed Penalty (which was issued by Transport for London) after the street works notice was not followed.

The fine of Vodafone came up to £1250, and additionally, Vodafone was also demanded to pay the costs of prosecution amounting to about £1385.


What Vodafone had to say

Needless to say, Vodafone released a statement regarding the issue. In a letter presented to the Magistrates’ Court, the company stated that it wished to apologise for its failings in the particular case, and it accepted responsibility for failing to issue a notice for street works. The company also admitted that it was unable to meet the standards that were asked of it, and therefore pleaded guilty to the offense.

Meanwhile, the Chair of the Bench also reflected that Vodafone has undoubtedly recognised its failures in the particular issue, but the Judge also stated that TfL only began prosecuting Vodafone last year for issues that were similar or close in nature to the one being addressed as of this time. The Judge also stated that the fine Vodafone has to pay is a reflection of the company’s behaviour in the particular case.

Transport for London’s chief operating officer, Garrett Emerson, adds that this is the second prosecution case for Vodafone in the last 18 months due to its failure to provide notices for street works. Mr. Emerson adds that TfL will continue to pursue penalties against different utility firms in its efforts to reduce congestion along London roads.    

Posted on 01 Aug 2016 in News

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