Vodafone Fined – Again – for the Mismanagement of Street Works in Various Areas

We seem to recall reporting some time ago this year that Vodafone received a fine from TfL (Transport for London) for the mismanagement of various road and street work projects under its helm. Well, it’s a sad fact, but it’s true – Vodafone has been fined by TfL again in less than a year for the same type of offence.

Deja vu?

Deja vu?

Transport for London has once again initiated prosecutorial proceedings against Vodafone, the telecommunications giant, for mismanaging several road and street projects in different areas and locations. TfL has been quite vigilant about its commitment to make sure that road and street projects do not cause too much disruption to drivers and pedestrians, hence its most recent prosecution of Vodafone.


Vodafone’s offences

Vodafone committed several offences in the early part of the year, specifically in February and March. The company’s offences include working on a project along the High Street of Borough without being able to present a permit and not being able to serve the necessary notices for street works before beginning a project along Southwark’s St. Thomas Street, Lewisham’s Loampit Vale, and London’s Bishopsgate. Along with this, Vodafone was not able to settle and pay the related Notices for Fixed Penalty that were issued by Transport for London for the aforementioned offences.

Prior to a hearing scheduled for the 28th of September at the Magistrates Court of Westminster, Vodafone pleaded guilty to the said offences. Through this, Vodafone was issued a fine of £3500. The telecommunications company was also ordered to take care of the prosecution’s expenses, which amounted to an additional £3020.


Transport for London championing its cause

Transport for London’s chief operating officer in charge of surface transport, Garrett Emmerson, states that Vodafone’s various offences result in a more difficult time for TfL when it comes to effectively coordinating street projects. Mr. Emmerson adds that Transport for London will continue to seek tougher fines and penalties against various companies (telecommunications and otherwise) which are caught disobeying the law and acting illegally in regards to street works and projects. He further states that Transport for London is fully committed to ensuring that the roads in and around London are kept clear in order to avoid disruptions to motorists’ journeys. TfL will remain vigilant in this matter in order to help improve and deal with London’s air quality as well.

In 2015 (January, to be precise), Transport for London began prosecuting Vodafone for a total of three instances. During this period, TfL also issued a total of 78 Notices for Fixed Penalty to the company, and 33 of these Notices were issued in the last year alone. 

Posted on 14 Nov 2016 in News

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