What to do When Your Paver Goes Down

When you’re in the midst of a job the last thing that you need to experience is a paver that breaks down. Such an incident costs you money and leaves some of your tradesmen without a job to do on the project. 

Hiring an asphalt paver to complete a job on time and on budget isn't difficult

Hiring an asphalt paver to complete a job on time and on budget isn't difficult

It’s very important that you have a plan to follow should this happen to your company; you want to finish the job on time and to protect your business reputation, so have a team ready to spring into action once the breakdown occurs. Let’s look at some tips to follow when your paver stops working on the jobsite.

  • Before you even bid and begin a job, you should have a service agreement with a reliable company that can send highly trained technicians to your location to repair your machine without delay. Explore your options for this service so that you’ll have a plan to override any problems that can happen once you’re on the jobsite. Make sure that they are available year round, twenty-four hours per day, and that they have vans with quality replacement parts ready to go at a moment’s notice.


  • Remove the piece of equipment from the centre of work if possible and call your technical support team for assistance. If you purchase your new or pre-owned equipment from a reliable company they will have support ready to come your way once you notify them that there is a problem. If the machine cannot be moved, work around it as much as you can so that the entire project won’t suffer from down time.


  • You may want to consider calling for a replacement paver for the remainder of the job; replacement machines are fully serviced and maintained and ready to arrive on your jobsite so that you can get the work done on time. Establishing a good working relationship with a company that has an excellent service programme for you can be the ideal solution when your work is stopped due to a breakdown. The machinery will be delivered promptly to the jobsite for you and your machine taken back to the workshop where it can be repaired by well-trained technicians.
  • If you do lose time on the job and need to make up for the delays, you should consider not only paver hire but also labour hire so that additional professionals can arrive on your jobsite to help you get back on schedule. Just tell the company what types of skilled employees you need, how many, and they’ll arrive at your jobsite ready to provide quality work alongside your regular crews.

When your paver goes down, you must provide strong leadership for the tradesmen who are working for you; show them that you are organised, you won’t panic, and that you have a plan to keep work going smoothly no matter what the problem. Clients will be impressed that you planned ahead for unforeseen circumstances that were beyond your control; you’ll be much more confident if you have a team of trained professionals standing by your side throughout your project.


Posted on 14 Sep 2015 in Technology

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