Eurovia Completes Project Three Months before Schedule, Thanks to New Hydradig from JCB

Eurovia Contracting has recently been able to complete a project for the Peppermint Junction in Lincolnshire three months before schedule due to the assistance of the new Hydradig from JCB. Eurovia Contracting, which is the primary contractor for the road construction project at the Peppermint Junction (in Holbeach in Lincolnshire), which cost a total of £5.4 million, was able to finish the project for Lincolnshire County Council in December rather than the original March scheduled date.

More on the Peppermint Junction project

The key project, which aimed to construct major road developments in the area, included the building of a new roundabout with three arms at the A17 and A151 junction, which makes it easier, faster, and safer for motorists to access the A17, especially when compared to what motorists had to go through with the prior T-junction. The project also included the addition of another, secondary, roundabout which offers easier access to prime land for commercial development and housing in the area.

The Eurovia Contracting group was able to carry out a series of works and construction activities across a large site, and the group has said that all its concrete breaking, material handling, excavation, and kerb installation tasks have been delivered not only due to its own expertise in project management, but also due to the innovative equipment provided by JCB, the Hydradig (110W), which comes complete with its own special attachment, the ‘steelwrist’ tilting rotator.

Eurovia praises the usefulness, versatility, and flexibility of the Hydradig

According to the Plant and Divisional Fleet Manager of Eurovia, Mr. Chris Forrest, the Hydradig has given them complete versatility when it comes to the ditching buckets and the breaker. Furthermore, they have been able to increase their functionality due to the ‘steelwrist’ which gives them the choice to either break out, excavate, or engage in fork operations from one day to the next.

Mr. Forrest adds that the Hydradig has also given them great visibility on-site and has helped improve their performance in regard to health and safety. Because of the Hydradig, they have also not had to hire more machinery or equipment, which has enhanced their cost-effectiveness as well.

Eurovia Contracting has been in operations for almost 40 years, and it is the construction and civil engineering division of Eurovia UK Ltd. It specialises in the delivery of infrastructure and highway schemes, which range from urban improvements for the public sector to the maintenance of structures and major construction on carriageways.

The new JCB Hydradig has joined 18 other JCB compacts (3CX) which are also operating at Eurovia through one of the company’s partners in the supply chain.