History of Ammann


Ammann is a world-leading supplier of mixing plants, machines and services to the construction industry with core expertise in road building and transportation infrastructure. Pavers are among the company’s key offerings.

Ammann has enjoyed success since the business was founded in 1869. It started with a single focus as a mill construction workshop and grew from there, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit that has always pushed the family business forward. Hans-Christian Schneider took over as CEO in 2013, marking the sixth generation to run the family business.

Product innovation also was at the core of the growth, starting as early as 1911 with the introduction of the first Ammann road roller.

Product development has remained a focus ever since. Ammann has never been satisfied with “what is,” but rather consistently pursues “what can be.” Technology is continually updated and incorporated into all Ammann products, including asphalt pavers.

Ammann leaders of all generations used expansion and acquisition to build the business and provide worldwide coverage. That includes the alliance with Pavemac, which started in 2009. Ammann pursued the partnership because it valued Pavemac’s industry experience and knowledge, and it believed Pavemac to be an outstanding representative of its products. The partnership has proven successful and Pavemac remains the exclusive Ammann distributor in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The 2005 acquisition of Stavostroj in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic, created more enhanced manufacturing capabilities. Global efforts continued into 2010 and beyond with the start of business relationships in Brazil, South Africa, Australia and India. A significant joint venture with Ammann Apollo India was announced in 2013, followed by the acquisition of Elba-Werk, a German cement-manufacturing plant builder, in 2014.

In November 2017 Ammann has launched a new range of Asphalt Pavers.

Ammann and Pavemac look forward to a continued partnership, and to helping customers find solutions and grow in the process.