Roadtec Shuttle Buggy MTV

The Shuttle Buggy material transfer vehicle (MTV) is designed to “shuttle” between the asphalt truck and paver. Thermal and/or material problems are eliminated thanks to the machines remixing action.
The Roadtec Shuttle Buggy MTV also allows continuous paving which leads to a much smoother surface.The machine has a storage capacity of 25 tons in the main hopper,allowing the operator to maintain paving between loads.
Truck unloading capacity is rated at 1,000tons per hour and paver loading capacity at 600 tons per hour.

Benefits of the Roadtec Shuttle Buggy:-

  • Auger remixer in Surge Bin
  • 300HP Cummins T4f Engine
  • Fume Extraction System
  • Surge Bin Unloading Conveyor
  • Dump Hopper Transverse Auger
  • Paver Loading Conveyor
  • Shipping Weight 35,035kgs