What a beautiful place to work when you have to be at work!

What do you need when you have to carry out routine road maintenance on the world’s longest defined coastal touring route, the extremely popular tourist attraction of Southern Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way? You don’t need multiple machines doing multiple passes if you’re striving for optimum efficiency, road longevity and profit. What you do need, is a 6m screed asphalt paver!

The team and I had a very proud moment recently when we sold another  Sumitomo HA60 6m screed asphalt paver into Ireland to solve exactly this problem for Churchill Stone.

The Wild Atlantic Way, starting in Malin Head at the most northern tip of the Republic of Ireland, attracts considerable tourist traffic all year round as well has having to cope with harsh weather conditions. Churchill Stone are a loyal client and did not hesitate to approach me when they needed a new asphalt paver for the job. Looking for a paver which would surface this heavily trafficked rural road in one pass, with no extension boxes required and no centre join meant the Sumitomo was an obvious choice.

Using the Sumitomo HA60 6m screed asphalt paver to resurface the Wild Atlantic Way
Using the Sumitomo HA60 to resurface the Wild Atlantic Way with its 6m secreed.

Anthony Cassidy, owner of Churchill Stone said “Sumitomo is a new manufacturer for us, however, the obvious benefits the machine brings in the immediate start to a job as you don’t need extension boxes with a 6m screed, reduced project delivery time, minimised disruption to road users and increased long term durability and performance, meant it was a sound investment. Pavemac provided us with a fit for purpose paver and supported us in our first project with it. Their service commitment cannot be faulted.”

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